Pocket Reference Card or Tract to Use for Evangelism or Soul Winning

13-Point Soul Winning Card
https://dwministries.org/product/13-point-soul-winning-card/ https://dwministries.org/
This 13-Point Soul Winning card is a small laminated card developed by Dr. David Wood to guide you through a simple and proven method of winning friends and family to Christ.

ACTION Little Message
Getting to heaven takes Action. This is a folding business card-sized witnessing material. The message inside presents the gospel in word and color. The back encourages Christian growth.

Children's Soul Winning Card
This laminated 35 card will help you lead someone to the Lord with pictures to illustrate the Gospel.

Helps for Converts Soulwinning Card
The size of this laminated soulwinning card is 3.5" x 8". It is helpful especially for new converts.

Soul Winning Reference Card
This soul winning card includes questions, Bible verses, and a prayer that leads a person in receiving Jesus Christ.

SWAT Soul Winning Card
This soul winning card is a great, convenient and confidence-building tool. The soulwinning card contains the main points and verses to the plan of salvation, eternal security, and public profession. This easy-to-read and follow printing is done in full color on a cardstock paper and then laminated to be weather proof, durable, and sharp. The finished product is about 3 1/2? x 5 1/2? to easily fit in your pocket, purse, or New Testament.

Witnessing Cards
With helpful Scripture verses and a list of five fulfilled Messianic prophecies, Victory in Grace's conveniently sized witnessing cards can prove to be a wonderful aid in helping you deliver the clear gospel message in seven simple points.